Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

Dead Man's Cell Phone! Hubbub Hubbub! Wow, the whole city is talking about this show.
Oh my god, come see it. Next Wednesday is preview nite (ahem... that equals free, struggling artist friends) and then the second Thursday in the run is pay what you can nite (at least $5, so it is really pay $5 plus what ever else you got, punk! nite). The link to the website with all the dates and info and even preview pictures is riiiiiiiiiiiiight


There's interstellar travel! Romance! Girl fights! Converses! Jessica being awkward! Soup!

Now onto unrelated matters. First off, nature- man, I love ya, but your pollen is killing me. And apparently you murder beautiful butterflies too, as I discovered on the walk home from work. A lovely monarch butterfly, perfectly intact other than being, you know, dead was lying on the sidewalk. The thought of someone coming along and stepping on it saddened me, so I moved it to the azalea bushes out in front of my building. Butterfly funeral.
I also specialize in butterfly weddings, butterfly quinceaneras, butterfly brises (please forgive my ignorant shiksha spelling), and also butterfly bachelorette parties.

Lastly.... well, there is no lastly. Come to the show. But really, come on.


Nikki said...

i would LOVE to see you onstage again... sadly, i cannot. THIS time! (evil laugh!) (why evil? i dunno) but break a leg, lovely!

and i'm way ahead of you - there's a $20 bus from DC to NYC & it's gonna have my ass on it! At least for a weekend visit or two... or 10... :)

Anonymous said...

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