Friday, February 12, 2010


My lovely and amazing friend Nikki, aka The Grateful Sparrow, passed along a blog award to yours truly. Yes, I am pretty talented at rambling on the interweb, now medal me!
How it works is that I am to relay seven things I love/facts about myself. Then I pass it on to who I deem worthy of recognition. So here we go (noticing the ol' blog has become a little list heavy lately).

1. I love SNOW! I survived three years of it; the winter blues, the shoveling it, the walking to work in it for months on end, all that jazz- I still loves me some snow. In case you haven't heard, it is snow day in Alabama. Our three inches of wintry fairy dust might be slightly overshadowed by the shit-blanket of ice and snow that has covered the east coast, but the South is still overwhelmed... At least when it comes to driving in it, as I discovered as I was walking to the CVS. It really is not so very hard. You just have to know the steps. Annnnnd tap and turn and take your time and double pirouette and shuffle off to Buffalo! Easy peasy.

2. I love my brother! Let me combine this with a personal fact: growing up with an autistic person teaches you the value of being able to express yourself. In fact, I am always a little personally insulted by people who choose to hide themselves away. To watch someone literally struggle with their emotions, desperately trying to find a way to communicate them- it is an experience that makes you wonder why you would ever waste any time being dishonest or secretive. Even when I am onstage and basically lying, I try to convey those emotions as honestly as possible and with my whole heart. I just don't want to take advantage of something we often take advantage of- the ability to share ourselves.

3. Music is quite the passion of mine. I confess that I spend a lot of time envious of lady musicians, like Shara Worden,or Annie Clark, or Aja (last name escapes me... from Nico Vega), or Mirah, or so many boy artists, and bands, oh!, bands- desperate to be creating art like them. There is something about music that reaches your soul like nothing else can. I could link some favorites, but I suggest just scrolling back through the past couple of months and you'll find plenty of songs posted, trust me.

4. Fact: NPR, The Daily Show, and The Simpsons are a part of my everyday life. I'll go even further and say that if I were stranded on a beach, those are the three things I'd bring with me (sorry chapstick, journal and toothbrush).

5. I usually find myself pacing my apartment floor, working through problems aloud at the end of the day. Or, if no solution can be found, I usually go in the bathroom, shut the door and sing. My neighbors must think I'm crazy. Maybe crazy talented? Probably just crazy.

6. I'm quite fond of giving gifts for no reason, but I'm not sure if everyone is so fond of receiving them for no reason. Maybe they feel it is disingenuous, or forced. Well, if I've made anything clear, I hope it is that I keeps it real. Really real. I promise I won't do or say things I don't mean.

7. I pretty clearly need a city and city life, but I also need see the stars. Conundrum. Solution? Planetarium.

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Finally, I have a secret number
8. I'm not cool. But I'm cool with that. Someone referred to me a "hipster" last weekend, and granted, I was sitting Rojo drinking a PBR, but I immediately rectified the situation by pointing out that I'm too curvy to be hip (although 16 lbs less curvy than last fall. less!) and then mispronounced some band names.