Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jessica Vs The Man

Be prepared to have your mind blown and your faith in the system restored.

I love chili day at work. Almost as much as I love waffle morning (how I have lost 13 pounds since October, I have no clue). I do wish that the cafeteria offered a vegetarian substitute, but I'm willing to let my love of combining red sauce, cheese and crackers override my desire to avoid red meat.
Side note: Vegetarian am I not. I just banned the pork and eat very little of the rest of the animals.
My process is this: 2 scoops chili, then head to the salad bar for a scoop of cheese and handful o' crackers and check out! Moving two feet to the right to get my mixins is no inconvenience. However, I seem to be the only person who has figured out that you can, you CAN, mix the soup and salad bar. Or so I thought. Last week I got a rather sharp look from one of the cafeteria workers as I bent over the bowl of cheese. What? What??? Chili is better with cheese, everyone knows this! Still, I felt shamed for integrating the two bars, and my cup o' divinity was a little less divine that afternoon.
Jump ahead to this past Thursday; I wander down to the lunchroom and make two discoveries: one- It's chili day. Yes. two- There is a giant bowl of cheese right smack dab in the middle of the soup bar.
Not only that, but it appears that as a result, chili has never been more popular! Jessica wins! If you only have the courage to go against the grain, to think outside the box, the system will eventually change to work in your favor and not only that, but everyone will be happier! Oh say can I see rocket red chili beans and majestic cheddar cheese, hand in hand? Yes I can.


Frau Schmidt said...

I salute you.

Matilde Majerik said...

uuug, clark. when will we talk? how about tonight on skype at 10pm? hm? is it forward of me to want you so bad? i will be there. on skype. (not down at the docks smoking a cig, unfortunately.) love, jmf

joyful girl said...

hi cupcake! I just sent some love your way on my blog... check it out. xx.