Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ohhhhhhh competition. Ohhhhh nerves. I leave tomorrow at 6:15 am. I still haven't packed or figured out exactly how I am getting from the airport to the hotel. I hope my clothes are nice enough - I don't want to look like hot southern mess!
I honestly have no expectations ( I still am a little baffled that I won in this chapter ) but it sure would help things a lot if I at least placed or something. I need to do my pieces again for people, but I think I might throw up. For the love. WHY can't I be an overconfident bitch? That would make things sooooo much easier. Of course, it would also make me delusional... but anyway.
Prayers. Prayers and hot tea.
I need to find a way to burn off some of this nervous energy.

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Frau Schmidt said...

I think I have sympathy butterflies...I've had an upset stomach the past two days! You're gonna knock 'em dead!!