Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let Your Honesty Shine Shine Shine

You know that feeling when someone enters the room? Like, the air shifts or something... I've been getting that feeling in my apartment A LOT lately. But hold up, you smarmy commentators- I am NOT, repeat NOT saying my apartment is haunted. It just has history is all! It feels lived in, but in a good way. But I desperately need to lay claim to it as my own by moving the rest of my stuff in. I am missing my cat HARDCORE. And my easel! And all my other stuff (computer, dvd's, books)... However, after two months of limited access to these things, I've discovered that I can do fairly well without a large tv and without checking my Facebook ten times a day. I never thought I'd say that! Man, you don't realize how much of actual LIFE you replace with interwebbing. My god, what would happen if tomorrow all the networking sites went down??? I would lose contact with everyone! Well, everyone except for a handful of people, like 3 or 4, but JEEZ! Its tragic! I'm not blaming Facebook or these people, I'm pretty lousy at keeping up with others, which makes no sense. I truly do thrive off of human contact. But person to person, you know- not person to computer. And I really do mean contact. Not in a perverse way. I'm sure people who don't know me as well think I'm a total grope machine, but I just naturally loop arms with friends while walking or hold hands with them for no reason- I'm the same way on stage! I have a hard time making that kind of emotional connection without making a physical one first.
I'm a freak.
Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, get off the interweb and come fill up my apartment! It needs new life!
Oh. And I could tell you about my puppy fever, but I'll just show you instead. I am in so much trouble.

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Frau Schmidt said...

Fine, I'll be there in 20 minutes. Should I bring Penny? Never mind, I'll bring her.

PS That basset hound is the cutest.