Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet me at the back shack

In Wisconsin for a week... It's nice to be here when the ground isn't completely covered in gray slush. I already swung by my old place of business and made plans for the next few days with my Yankee friends (named as such out of love - its all love with Jessica) and now I am killing time as best I can.
I read an article on yahoo that said too much cola will ruin your muscles or something to that affect. I was drinking Coke while reading it. I'm screwed. Although death by Cherry Coke might not be so bad. At my funeral, no matter how I go, I want Cherry Coke served... In cans, that's when it's the tastiest.
So I am reunited with all my art materials and I think I am going to paint some ladies while I'm up here, but I need to think of which ones I want to paint. Not real ladies, like celebrities or historical figures or Harry Potter characters, but more like women representing something - different things. Hmmm.....
Okay, let me tell the creepy guy story. I was on the interstate and I had literally just crossed the state line into Wisconsin, when I see a guy in the next lane leaning forward to look at me and smile. He was preparing to exit, but he kept speeding forward to get a good look at me. I finally looked back to see what the deal was and I realized he was masturbating. I screamed and my mom, who was seated next to me screamed, but then she started laughing as I started to gag and shudder. Why? I mean, why? I think that there will be permanent damage as a result of this. Oh, my brain.
My old boss told me today that I had "lost so much weight!". That's a situation where you don't know whether to be complimented or insulted. Was I such a whale before? Yikes.
Thank goodness I do not have a phone with Internet capabilities, because I sure can waste time like nobody's business. I mean, really.

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