Friday, March 6, 2009


I am packed and ready to hit the road in 4 and half hours. It seems hard to believe that after almost a year of thinking about coming back to my hometown I am actually doing it. I have to say, the circumstances under which I am returning are completely different than I imagined - but sometimes different is good. If things always went the way we expected they would, then nothing would really be worth doing, huh? I am so grateful that Meredith is opening up her home to me, but I hope that I will be able to find my own place quickly. And car too! All I need is some money magic... Ah, I can't get started on the list of things I think I need to get by, or I'll just freak myself out. As my friend Jackie has always told me, I just need to follow my heart. And as Homer Simpson once declared after Lisa offered up the belief that in every crisis lies opportunity, "Crisitunity!"
I'm coming back to Birmingham with all my broken pieces in hopes of finding my core and then begin rebuilding.
And to be a little pretentious, as Shakespeare says you must be "as great in act as you have been in thought". Well I've got tons of thoughts. Tons.

And I drove past the wetlands
all frozen over,
with waves of brown grass stretching their arms upward
as though to say,
" Try and hold me down with your cold hands
and I'll show you the true force of nature!"

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Jackie said...

Oh Jess! I am so excited for you.... it is coming all together....FINALLY... :) you keep on keepin'!!! We miss you soooo much already, but we're all excited for you and we will visit you asap! BTW~ The cd you made me is amazing... perfect... I love it... thank you! I <3 you!