Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'll Turn Around And Spit Ginger

We're faced with a dilemma. A hair dilemma. This time last year I decided to take my hair from this:

to this:

and then eventually back to my natural color. (Please refer back to profile picture)

And now.... nooooooowwww I want Red. Again.
I've broken it down into a list of positives and negatives for going back to red.

*red heads are typically identified with bad temper, starvation
*rumored to have a higher chance of bruising
*in the middle ages, red hair + green eyes (check) = WITCH!
*lindsay lohan
*main character in The Fountainhead has red hair, a character who "lives for himself and his own creativity, indifferent to others" or as i would put it, a self absorbed douchebag
*red heads used to be thought to have beastly sexual desires (perhaps a positive...)

* I'm not a natural red head so that discounts a number of my negatives!
*Queen Elizabeth the 1st = Red
*Botticelli's Birth of Venus... Venus= Red
*THE WEASLEY'S (of Harry Potter fame)= RED
*Tom Robbins says red heads are "children of the moon; obsessed with Sex and Sugar"(mmm)
*this little red head:

Actually, there are several red animals that I would be honored to share a hue with. Red tailed foxes, Red Squirrels... we would all have red hair and big tails.

Also, I am of Irish descent ( mostly- you can't really see the French, German, Cherokee or Choctaw). Red hair seems appropriate, yes?
But there is this... a scary festival in the Netherlands... Red Head Day:

But brunette, brunette, brunette... I really have learned to love my own, god given color. It took me several years to appreciate it, but, okay. Let's get down to the meat of the matter.
I need change. I'm making it happen, but it is not happening fast enough. Hair - hair is something that can change a person's whole outlook. I know, it sounds silly, even narcissistic, but sometimes you need to see yourself in a different light to believe that change, no matter how long it takes, is happening. And if taking a small step, such as changing your hair color, is enough to really see that ball rolling, well then girl go for it!
So do I just be me and be patient, or do I start painting just to see the colors?

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