Monday, November 3, 2008

Yes, We Should

Tomorrow is probably the most important election in history. Yikes! Now, I understand being politically apathetic. Until recently, I have remained relatively uninterested in politics. Big secret? I didn't vote in 2004.
I know, I know. But this time around, everything is different. I cannot think of anyone whose life has not been affected in some way by the lousy choices made over the past eight years in DC. I saw men and women without health insurance turned away at the doctors office where I used to work (my own mother included!), I've seen my brother and cousins dragged into social security offices year after year to "prove" their disabilities, I've seen friends and family treated like second class citizens for simply being themselves - which doesn't fit in with the upper middle class white conservative status quot... the list goes on and on. And if I am going to bitch about the ways things are, then why the hell can't I take just a small stand and vote? I am so sick of hearing the excuse that "my vote wouldn't count anyway". Well, you pussy, would you rather stand on the sidelines and whine, or do you want to go down fighting?? And should positive change come about, don't you want to proudly state, "I was a part of that!"?? Even in some small way... I know I am being a little belligerent , and I'll admit I've had a couple glasses of wine, but that doesn't change the fact that I would rather be loud and passionate over something that affects my life, then be silent and cold.
Get your ass out there and vote tomorrow. You have a voice. And even if you're the only one who hears it, you still should speak the fuck up.

All that ranting aside, some lame-o journal entries from 2 weeks ago:

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Lydia Milman Schmidt said...

Hooray for Election Day! How were the lines? Tell me all about it! I'm missing all the fun over here!

I like the tree painting.