Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fragments of Light and Life

Imagine a figure that is waiting to arrive....

Dear Diary,
I am working and my dreams have not changed. If anything, they've grown. But I miss my friends nonstop. Life is hard, but beautiful if I allow it to be. My archipelago has gone worldwide.


Matilde Majerik said...

Girl! I love you and miss you. What are you doing? I want to taaalk to you. I am already planning December. But where will you be?

I'll be back home prob. around 8 this evening. Can you try to be on Skype?

Love love! (Cool painting, wey. Excellent use of glitter!) Muaks!


Meredith said...

I need you dear.

Jeanmarie said...

This is one of my top 3 pics
You are my #1 daughter