Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turtle speed-painting

I have become the world's slowest painter. I have a few half hearted doodles in my journal from the past couple of months and it has taken me almost a month just to finish these two canvases. It is not that they are especially complicated, I just inch along; add some glitter and then take a cherry coke break. But I'm pleased to finally share them with you. Although I have robbed them of some of their magic through my rotten photography skills. But you get the idea. I used acrylics, colored pencils, old letters, paint pens, gel medium, stickers, wooden crafts, and star buttons - and thread of course. They're painted on 16 by 20 inch stretch canvases.


Lydia Milman Schmidt said...

Oh, I love them! Especially the first one, but especially the second one! The second one is my background on my new computer.

Keep it up! I love it!

Meredith said...

HOLY CRAP BATMAN! These are awesome!!!!!! I love them! The second one is flipping me out! wowowowowowowoowow. You are too cool. Now, when you gonna paint ME something huh??? :) I love you dummy.

Nikki said...

i love these! you are awesome! which one made you think of me...?

(and i know, i know, it took me way too long to get here...)