Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It must be the 21st Century

I wonder, just on how many sites am I networking? Why oh why should I begin a whole new blog? Is Myspace, Facebook and Livejournal not enough for you Jessica? Apparently not. I think I just wanted someplace to post art and junk, someplace where one can choose to visit or not... Here is my disclaimer:

I am an actress. I am good at that. I am fairly lousy at everything else, but I still want to give it a shot. I've no great skill as a writer and even less as a visual artist. However, I continue to crank out stuff in hope of building up my confidence and connecting with society. I'm just saying, let's not set our expectations too high here, kids. Just know that what you see was created with love and sincerity and that I certainly appreciate you taking the time to visit my lil' ol' blog.
Recent Work

She's a Confederate Mama
with a tweety bird tattoo.
She keeps her deer meat in the freezer
and she once punched a hole
right through her pawpaw's liquor cabinet.

Pink Pink
Pink Cuckoo
silent and hidden
but boldly out of place -
3:04 day in and day out...
Batteries please!


Nikki said...

i looooove the one with the quote "there is a woman at the source of all great things" (well, paraphrased...)
i haven't done the suzy thing yet but this really makes me want to paint agian! thanks for the inspiration!

Lydia Milman soon-to-be-Schmidt said...

You are scandalous...I love it! Time to get those colors and canvases out, baby!