Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kick Ass Movie Music Sequences

I am cutting right to the chase and not being coy with this post in the slightest. The title gives it away faster than an emotionally insecure girl on a first date. You want kick ass music sequences from movies? You got kick ass music sequences from movies.

Now, before you get all mad and monkey pound your keyboard, I didn't leave out the moments you, and most folks, consider cinematic underscoring genius because I hate you. This is not a "best of", this is just a selection of my personal favorites. Yes, some things are left out because they are obviously awesome, and we all already know it. Wayne's World, most Scorcese/Tarantino hits, and all flat out musicals have all been left at home. Don't worry, they'll get to stay up late and eat ice cream, they're fine.

Okay kids. Let's get to it.

This scene to cause my mother to clutch all of her pearls. Man, this one holds up, mostly because of scenes like this. Ever notice how in movies that feature unlikely heroes, or "nerds", there is always one scene where they are matched up to one bad ass song while walking in slow motion, or getting into shenanigans? I'm not saying this scene alone kicked that trend into motion, but it sure helped.
PS. I have yet to find the complete scene in all its glory, but this'll do.
office space printer scene (original) from alazankin on Vimeo.

Now, I know, from the never-ending plethora of masterfully underscored Tarantino scenes, it may seem a little underwhelming that I chose the ending sequence to this movie that has recently fast tracked it's way into my "favorites". But just go with it. It flows so well with the rest of the movie and is a perfect cap to the film. I can't get enough. And ignore the subtitles here. Unless you need them, in which case, De Nada.

Hot Fuzz may be my favorite of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, but this scene is so great that it makes me forget I am exhausted with all things zombie. If I hear about the zombie apocalypse one more time, I am going to rip someone's arms off and commence to eating. Start the damn thing myself just to get folks to stop cracking wise about it.

I can only imagine how tense the atmosphere was around these three comedians in their prime, but man, did they make with the funny in this one.

Do I really need to explain this one? Do I? If so, you are probably part of the under 30 set, and I pity and envy you at the same time. Mostly envy, but only because I spotted my first smiley eye crinkles this past month.

If you want the truth, every damn scene of this movie could be on this list, even the ones with out music, and I would be totally okay with that. But you only get two, and one is a montage. (Montage induced joy is a real thing, folks)

No 3D CGI special effect will ever wow and impress me more than this. Unless they find a more clever way to use Blue Moon as underscoring for their kabooms and blam blams. Be warned, there is a bottom in this clip. Oh, and a man turning into a wolf.

 When Mike and I got our flat screen tv, this was the first thing we watched on it. Mostly because of this scene. It still takes my breath away with how gorgeous it is. Damn it, Woody.

Look you can dismiss the whole film because of a silly premise, or you can hold my hand and realize we're watching a movie with Kevin Bacon, John Lithgow, dancing, and a tractor trailer death match. Sounds awesome, right? Anywho, this scene is great reenacted by anyone, and that is what earned it it's spot on the list.

Okay, here is my confession. I have only seen this movie in bits and pieces, but come on. James Caan + moonlight + danger + heist + Tangerine Dream = Yes. Yes, every time.

Would you like to know my favorite movie ending ever? Here it is, kiddos. Now stop playing with yourself.

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