Sunday, March 17, 2013

FIY (find it yourself)

Normally, I hate to be a statistic, but it appears I belong to the group of "white women age 18-34" who make up the majority of Pinterest users.

Okay. OKAAAAYYYY. I thought I was safe, because I didn't really get into the whole "pinning" thing. That was, until I discovered what makes the whole thing work: 

Smart phones. 

Granted my 10 month old phone is perhaps not that intelligent, and I always hear this scene in my voice every time it rings, but it worked with my cheap plan and it saved my ass on many a long drive while I was on tour. Plus it introduced me to the concept of feeling productive without doing a damn thing, via scrolling through the various DIY pins on Pinterest. It's amazing! I just made a four course dinner, refinished my dining room table and unclogged all my drains with vinegar and cat tears, and I never even left my chair!

So you win this round Pinterest, but I had many other places I went to for DIY know-how before you came to town.

Apartment Therapy
Better Homes and Gardens (yes, I'm an old woman)

My favorite was, and perhaps always will be, Instructables. I still tip my hat to it, no matter how many hours of my life it sucked away, Princess Bride style.

What were (or still are) your favorite craft/food/style sites pre-Pinterest? 


Little Missy Me said...

Love that you own to using Better Homes and Gardens.

Jessica said...

It's such a big part of my internet life, I can't NOT own to it! :)