Thursday, January 10, 2013

I don't eat pork, but I love Bacon

Here he is, just last year. Wearing my glasses. But really, we have the same glasses, Mr Bacon. 

I love Bacon. I love Bacon all dark and broody, I love Bacon when it's stabbed through the chest while making it with a lady, I love Bacon in a Diner, I love Bacon when it takes on Meryl Streep; I even love Bacon when it becomes invisible and gets all date rapey.

And how can you not love him? He's such an unoffensive character, one who has stuck strong to his beliefs without drowning you in pretension. I love a good working actor who genuinely seems to be caught up in maintaining a career as an actor, not just one being famous . What with the Oscar nominations, I have been more aware of actors desperately trying to present this "aww shucks" personality while letting everyone know just how MUCH THEY SACRIFICED (cough Hathaway cough), but hey, they aren't interested in awards or accolades or anything, gee whiz. That pseudo-sincerity grates my cheese. 

That is why I am feeling a little nostalgic for Bacon today. I can watch one of his cornball movies or dark comedies without being buried in Bacon, the "actor". Man, Kevin Bacon just does Kevin Bacon. It's cool. 

You don't believe me? Kevin Bacon is so cool that people have tried to find a way to get to him in six degrees OR LESS.

And whatever your reason may be for loving the Bacon, we all know when the deal was sealed.

If this is your first time seeing this clip, congratulations. You have just unknowingly entered into a contract into which your best sense always gets a little giggly when Bacon enters the picture. You don't necessarily have a crush on him, but you will always have a fondness for him deep in your heart.

You may find this post facetious, but please, you must know that I don't fool around when it comes to Bacon. 

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