Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"I know what I am." Fozzie the bear

It's the middle of the week. For most people, it's "Hump Day"... that little bump smack dab in the center of their 40 hour work week and they may be feeling a bit like their soul has been sucked dry (dramatic way of stating desk jobs can be mighty tedious).

Well you're in luck, because I stumbled across your soul's oasis (dramatic way of saying "This will cheer you up").

Here's Jim Henson and Frank Oz improvising on the set of the Muppet Movie.

*I originally found this on, which is a delightful super-nerd site (to the point where I find myself skimming over most of the sci-fi articles). Please give it a read. Also, have you checked out If not, you are missing out friends. 

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