Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am the Log, I am the Ravine. I have an Announcement.

Friends, Bloggers, Wine Drenched Housewives, Insomniacs, Online Predators...


I have found a new way to make my blog a teensy bit more self indulgent fun and interactive and it is with a little hesitation great pride I present to you


24/7 Live Streaming of special programs including: 
music videos, random clips, movies, live webcasts and more!!

Now you can watch whatever is currently catching my fancy these days by simply clicking on the newest tab located at the top of the page. It is like regular tv, but a little less organized. And less Jersey Shore. I am still trying to work out all the kinks and create a steady stream of entertainment that is actually, you know, entertaining and not just repetitive.

Currently I have put together a mix of music videos to fill your nights (entitled "Midnight Mix"- I know, the cleverness), I have picked out your first movie of the week (in the "Masterful Movies" series, if you will) and I've mod podged a random assortment of clips to play during the day. Yes, more or less, you are signing onto my ADD when you check out the channel, but don't let that scare you off! Just think, this may be one of the few places where you can see Mr Show clips lumped in with Arthur the Anteater clips.

The schedule will change weekly, so be sure to check back for any changes or upcoming special events! As of right now, it is:

On Memorial Day we'll be watching the worst movie you ever loved, Hail to the Chimp! I mean, Troop Beverly Hills! Will the poor little rich girls beat those middle class bitches, The Red Feathers? Will Shelley Long learn to do something other than shop in order to win back her asshole husband, republican Craig T Nelson? Will Jenny Lewis show signs of being moody, introspective and ironic enough to become the front woman of her own band 15 years later? Will we ever learn what kind of "thrill" Beverly Hills actually is? And most importantly, will they sell all those fucking cookies??

Kids. This is the latest in a set of experiments in what might make this blog more enjoyable. We'll see how successful it is and if not, we'll move onto something else! If you have suggestions of things you'd like to see more or less of, let me know. Until then, grab your drink of choice and keep those peepers locked onto JessBecause LIVE!

I just had an internal shudder when I imagined reading that last sentence aloud. If anyone knows how to promote one's self without being a total cornball, please let me in on the secret. Please.

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