Friday, April 1, 2011

The Last Word

I hear a lot of stupid things in a short period of time. Here are your Final Thoughts (grumbles) for the week.

1. It is Friday and of course the our favorite viral song is running through my mind when I realize: there are far too many songs telling me to "Get Down" and I feel I've been belittled enough.You can Get Down if you want to, but stop telling me what to do.

2. Saying you are insensitive and nutty and then following that up by saying something insensitive and nutty makes me admire your willingness to go the extra mile, but also makes me worry your commitment to character flaws is a little misplaced. Those actually do need to "get down".

3. Florida GOP is pissed that someone used the word "uterus" on the house floor- but perhaps they were just pissed that they didn't get the joke. Rep Scott Randolph suggested that he should "incorporate his wife's uterus"- see, because republicans want everything regulated except corporations. Get it? It's funny because it's true. Although they claim they were protecting the ears of their young listeners, I imagine that "uterus" was amongst the least offensive things said on that floor. 

4. Night Court is apparently returning to tv, but this one will feature Dane Cook (oh no!) and Molly Shannon? Yakov Smirnoff will not be returning. Full story here.

5. Have you noticed that people with the stupidest political standpoints are also the ones who are playing an obscene amount of facebook games? I recently saw a rant how government is screwing us over, just like it screwed over the "indians", which was almost charming in it's ignorance (I admire the person's effort to make a point, even if it was hastily put together without any real thought or sense of irony) but fortunately it was buried in a sea of "do you think I'm hot" apps and farmville. Whew.

Happy weekend- this time next week I'll be complaining from a new apartment!

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