Friday, March 11, 2011

Self inflicted torture and how it's supposed to make me better

Like most actresses (apologies in advance for a massive generalization), I am somewhat obsessed with my body and my mental health. Of course, who isn't?
A few of my friends recently started a diet that has, according to them, changed their lives and made them feel a million times better. It is called the candida diet, which is worth the google- although be warned, once you start looking it up, it is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole. It is a diet that mostly has to do with yeast and good vs bad bacteria and so on and so forth.

 I've dumbed down the whole thing and made it more Jessbecause-friendly. The first few weeks are supposed to be dairy free and gluten/grain free. And a lot of other things free. Yes, it is torture.
This also coincides with my Lenten resolution- to tell sugar to piss off until Easter. Then on Easter Sunday I buy a mountain of cupcakes and soda and alcohol and eat my way into a coma.
Why the hell am I doing this? Is it that important that I lose a few pounds and stop feeling sluggish and restless? I suppose, but damn, am I cranky.
I mean, look at this little girl, whoever she is, she knows the score!
 Sweets- 20, Self Restraint- shit.

Like I said, I am cranky. So am having a puppy party on my laptop. Feel free to join or contribute.

Gardening Puppies from Seattle Labradoodles on Vimeo.

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