Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up Up Up! Get! Up!

So let's be honest.
Have you kept your resolution to lose weight or get in shape? Or have you let that gym membership card glare up at you from your wallet for the past month and a half, wondering why it isn't as loved as, say, your Whole Foods gift card your step-aunt got you for Christmas?
Don't deny it. "To get in shape" is the most common New Year's resolution, according to Time Magazine at least, and it is also the one that is broken almost immediately. I mean, face it, we have whole  year of delicious eating ahead of us. We have two more sugar based holidays, Valentine's and Easter, and you know those Peeps are going to last forever. When the world ends, I'm fairly certain they are all that will be left of our society. Peeps and cockroaches. Anyway soon after that, you start warming up your grill because you can't wait to drown yourself in barbecue for the next 4 months and then BAM! it's fall and the holidays are upon us again.
Look, don't feel too badly. Food is awesome. If you have the strength to go out and, ugh.... run, then by all means, do it. Otherwise, you can join my exercise plan which is this:
Monday Private dance party in your apartment
Tuesday Repeat
Wednesday Repeat
Thursday Repeat
Friday Repeat
Saturday Repeat
Sunday Repeat

If you've got a yoga mat and a ton of instructional dvds lying around like I do, try and throw some yoga in there whenever you feel like it. It is actually more fun when you come up with your own positions. The Pregnant Baby, The Drunken Stegosaurus, The Flying Nun... be creative.

To help get you started, here is a mix of beats that should get your blood pumping. They can even accompany a night of drinking, in case you want to try giggling like a madwoman then later dry heaving your weight off. It may work. This is the year of miracles.

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Frau Schmidt said...

I do the baby bounce workout - I probably spend at least an hour a day walking around bouncing a fussy baby!