Thursday, January 20, 2011


Are you an aspiring media journalist/photographer or currently "working on your novel" or "in between gigs"? That's cool, I'm unemployed and watching The Simpsons too. It actually isn't so bad, being back at that point in my life where I'm not really tied to anything, including security. I can finally stop labeling myself as a MOE*
 and go back to being an UAPATFHWIFS**.
I made a promise to myself that I would be anywhere but dear old Alabama by the time my 28th birthday rolls around. My options right now fall into one of these categories:
1. Getting a gig with a theatre for a season/going on tour
2. Moving to New York
3. Selling the farm and becoming a real gypsy
Regardless of whichever category I fall into once I stop procrastinating, I'll need to build up my audition book. Well, actually it is more of an audition 3 ring binder. I am in pretty good shape, monologue wise, but song wise... Forgive me, old musical theatre chums, but I find I can no longer stomach most musical theater. At least, not most of what has come out recently.
I retract that statement slightly. There have been some GREAT musicals that have come out in the past ten years, but every girl with know-how has latched onto them like some second soprano parasite. Arrrghhh. I therefore resolve to pad my songbook with (dreaded word coming up here) "indie" ballads and Burt Bacharach.
Being in only three shows this year, all local, only one equity, made me acutely aware of how out of the loop I was. But. I will find my way back into that whirlwind of uncertainty, vanity and bullshitting that is known as being a "professional" actor. Hurrah!
So that's it. That's my new years resolution. That, and to stop using buzzwords like Hipster. But that- that's another story.



*Miserable Office Employee
**Unemployed Actress Probably About To Find Herself Working In Food Service


Nikki said...

come to los angeles & live with ME!!!!!!! we can be semi-settled-ish gypsys together!

Fox said...

You know how a lot of people do things ironically, like play dodgeball or go see Neil Diamond impersonators? In LA, people do those same things, but for REAL because they're fun and we like doing them! Or you could go to Portland where, according to Fred Armisen, the dream of the 90's is still alive.

Jessica said...

Oh, I've seen it. It makes me regret throwing out all my clothes from high school. And you're right Adam- no place is more real than LA. For sure!