Friday, September 24, 2010


After watching Colbert's recent statement to congress,

(Haven't seen it? You're welcome.)

I made the huge mistake of browsing through the comments section, where it became apparent that a number of people did not appreciate Colbert's well thought out message masked in humor and denounced the whole thing as a Obama's big government and the Dumbocrats wasting tax dollars.

Wait a second. Dumbocrats?

Are you using the term "dumbocrats" to condemn silliness in politics? I then noticed a few other choice terms, such as "Libotards" and "Demfags", and a whole host of grammatical errors.

Oh my hell. How has it become acceptable to make political arguments while talking like a snarky seventh grader? Not just message boarders (which, if you value your sanity, I advise you avoid altogether) but actual political figures.... political figures who give a speech like a tweet.

Let me tell you right now- if you follow up your statement with LOL, FTW, WTF- I will not and can not believe you are an adult. If you use terms like "Lame Stream Media" in all seriousness, I refuse to believe you're an adult.

I am just a humble blogger, who hardly claims to be a grown up and I can use all the slang I want. I also wouldn't ask you to base your votes around my opinion. However.

It seems to me if someone wants your respect, your vote, they would take the time to fully form an idea/argument before presenting it to you and not just give you the facebook post version. At the very least, they could try not to sound like they got their 12 year old daughter to do their homework for them.

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