Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wha' Happa??

What's Happening in the Life of JessBecause:
Moved back to Birmingham
Have Couch Hopped from Dummy to Daniel to finally own Apt (fingers crossed)
Voice Over Work (check)
Equity Auditions (check)
Won First Place in NSAL Drama Competition (and $700)
*will continue on to nationals where I will take master classes from Broadway producers/directors and then compete for grand prize of $10,ooo.... also will pootsie it up Embassy style and play around at the Kennedy center- all expenses paid
Two Productions - one currently running at BCT, one getting ready to open in two weeks at Virginia Samford Theatre
Pippin Auditions coming up....

How exciting.


Frau Schmidt said...


Matilde Majerik said...

hey crazy lady, crocodile lady, this is incredible news!! call me write me send me a sign i miss you and im so happy for you. love! jm

joyful girl said...

you are kicking some major ass my friend!!!! cupcake power!!!!
sooooooooooo happy to hear this.