Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miss Jessica's Art Fart Fun

I am a sucker for Americana. Roadside attractions, NPR, folk artists/films that embrace the idea of rising above it and chasing a dream - Indiana Jones (even the last one, you snobby snobs)... I love anything, any art (visual, music, film, theatre) that reaches in and grabs the child in me who has the ability to wave that magic wand called her imagination and create whatever the fuck she wants. A hula hoop skirt CAN be a giant monster and destroy entire villages! I think that I am a romantic, can you believe it! I'm romanced by sentimentality. I am all for critical thought, I embrace it and lurrrve it. But I detest jaded cynics who are more concerned with their image than with what they are turning out.
Turn Ons:
A sharp wit with a sense of humility

Turn Offs:
Disregard for endless potential/possibilities

And with that, I hope you are sufficiently ready to fart it up in an arty way! Or visa-verse... Get out your colors kids! There are only two projects to play with for today (the other one has to dry on my end). I believe you can click on the images below and print. I would love love LOVE for you to color and add whatever you want to these original drawings by yours truly and either post them here, EMAIL them, OR!!!! Mail them to me and I can perhaps figure out a creative way to put them all together, yes? If you would like to email or mail them to me, just post a request and I'll send you the necessary info. Hurray!
PS - I hope kids actually do this... It might just be Lydia and Meredith, which would be pleasing nonetheless.
First, a cheery BUG BALL!

Next, an ethereal bug like beauty with feet that will blow your mind.

Praying Mantis Love

Please, Enjoy! Add! And Create!


Julie Ayotte said...

I found the link to your blog in the Suzi Blu livejournal community and just thought I pop on over and say hello! :)

Lydia Milman soon-to-be-Schmidt said...

But I can't add birds that aren't in the coloring book...I just can't!

For you, though, I'll try.