Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Super Secret November Challenge Blog Post #15

I have been going back and forth on this, and I think I am going to take a pass on doing a Paris post. 

Not because I am devoid of any human emotion, or have no strong feelings about the aftermath; but dissecting a tragedy that is currently plastered across social media and network news feels a bit like standing around an awful car wreck with popcorn and commenting on what you see. 

I shared a hopeful sounding meme on Facebook, as well as an exceptionally well written post by one of my friends. But that is it. I haven't changed my photo to the French flag filter. I haven't shared my personal grief over the matter, nor aired my personal grievances over society's response to the matter. For me, that feels disingenuous.

Not to say that everyone who is cranking out their feelings via blogs, memes, and fb rants isn't truly struggling with their sorrow. It just runs too close a risk to ringing false for me to feel comfortable with going into detail over my personal thoughts on what happened. Plus, there are so many others who are expressing themselves far more eloquently and honestly than I could ever hope to. 

So, I am leaving the subject alone. We all process tragedy in different ways. And if we didn't, then that is how we'd know that we have sold our soul for a pre-fab, interweb one. 

Music Roundup

It has been quite awhile since I have seriously invested time in updating my music library. I found a good sound a few years ago and have just been replaying old albums while catching as catch can on World Cafe on NPR. 

While I have been on the hunt for ceremony music, an endeavor that has left me knee deep sad lady soft rock circa 1978 to 1997, I have occasionally come across a few ear catchers.

First off, from Arcade Fire's violinist. Mostly instrumental, mostly good late night coffee sounds.

Finally. FINALLY. Serious question - which do you look forward to more, a Missy Elliott song, or Missy Elliott video? Because both are endlessly creative.

I love a pop song that doesn't go the obvious route. But I LOVE a pop song that keeps a girl guessing.

I understand that she is not everyone's jam, but with her ethereal lyricism and her abilities as harpist (and pianist), I'm not sure how the "Her voice is weird" criticism holds up against her considerable talents.

Bless you, Netflix. Bless you.

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